Meet Jon

Born to biological parents in Ugasandor, Malaysia, Jon Benson began his career at the age of 4 tending sheep and fur-bearing mammals. His father, Akkmar Hollester Benson, invented the manhole cover.

None of that was true… as far as you know.

What is true is the fact that Jon started his online empire in 2004, with the release of his first bestselling book, Fit Over 40. The success of Fit Over 40 propelled Jon into the online marketing spotlight. His second book, The Every Other Day Diet became the #1 diet book on the digital landscape, landing in the hands over 200,000 customers. 7 Minute Muscle came next in 2008, and Jon became the first fitness author to have two Top 10 books on the Clickbank marketplace at the same time in two different categories (diet and fitness.)

In 2007, shortly after the release of The Every Other Day Diet, Jon began experimenting with a new way to market products online. He combined his training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and psychology with what became the world’s first “ugly” Video Sales Letter, or VSL. This creation propelled Jon to Internet marketing fame, and has since gone on to do well over $12B annually for marketers in virtually every online industry.

Jon semi-retired from the fitness space in 2007 to focus on copywriting – a skill he wanted to refine – as well as helping other marketers create VSLs. This led to the creation of Now VSL, the world’s first software-driven VSL copywriting system. It has held its place over 10 years as the #1 copywriting course online. Jon remains one of the few copywriters in history to earn over $1B for his customers.

Today, Jon’s focus is narrowed down to his latest diet book, co-authored with Dr. Anthony Capasso, M.D., The 4 Day Thyroid Diet, and the 2017 release of CopyPro. CopyPro is doing for email what Now VSL has done for the Video Sales Letter, allowing marketers without copywriting expertise generate A-List caliber promotional and content emails with a few clicks of the mouse. Jon recently opened the free Facebook group Emailers for email marketers.

Jon is the CEO of Digital Publisher, Inc., which houses all of Jon’s Internet marketing products, services, and free materials, as well as the CEO of Fitology LLC, which controls Jon’s fitness and diet empire. He is currently authoring a book on his experiences and study of love, sexuality and relationships, Epic Love, still heavily involved in fitness and bodybuilding training, martial arts, authoring poetry, and gigs as a bassist on the side (his former full-time job.) For the past several years, he has made his home in stunning Vancouver, BC.