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Welcome to Email CopyPro! The ECP-90 Program starts December 10, 2018. However, you have full access to our software platform starting today. Just check your email for your login credentials, then click the link below to login to the Email CopyPro online software…


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Let’s make sure you receive your bonuses. Each bonus will be delivered live starting December 10, 2018.

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  4. Presto! You’ll be set to receive our notifications and the bonuses on or around December 10th!

Getting Started With Email CopyPro

Login to Email CopyPro. Then watch the Getting Started video inside Mission Control. After that, you can get started on your Epic Email Set-Up. This will allow you to enter the data you’ll need for most of your first 90 days of emails. 

1. Click “EPIC Email Set-up”
2. Click “View All”, then the Sequence “EPIC Email Set-up”
3. Name your email/segment “Tutorial”
4. Click the Niche dropdown menu and select “Create a new niche”
5. Name your niche whatever you like (something related to your business.)
6. Select a niche from our templates that best fits your business, or choose STARTER if none apply.
7. Click “Create New Niche.”
8. After the data loads, click “Generate.”

This will build your entire EPIC Email Set-up Tutorials. Simply follow the instructions found in each segment.

Upon completing your sections, email [email protected] Our team will look over your EPIC Email Set-up and let you know if we recommend any changes.

Once completed, you can begin with the Starter Emails and Starter Sequences. These use only the fields found within the EPIC Email Set-up.

About The EPIC Email System

You can also explore all the other emails and sequences under the four master control modules: Engage, Promote, Inspire, and Consume.

Use “Engage” if you want to make first contact, or if you need to re-engage an old list and bring more buyers to the surface.

Use “Promote” to sell anything – products, services, or affiliate offers.

Use “Inspire” if you need quality content to send to prospects, along with a soft pitch for your product or service.

Use “Consume” for customers. This can help reduce your refunds.

Be sure to click the “Watch This First” button at the top of Mission Control FIRST. This will give you a short tutorial on how to use the software, plus provide you with our LIVE training session links.

We’ll be coaching you in a group setting live so you’ll know exactly how to use the software and EPIC Email to build your business.

Contact [email protected] with any questions, and welcome aboard!

Team ECP

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