“When An Offer Is This Hot You Can Put The Price In The #$&*! Headline”

Get Your Next 90 Days Of Cash Making List Building Emails PLUS Me As Your Weekly Coach LIVE For $397? Have I Lost My Mind?

Jon BensonFrom The Desk Of Jon Benson
August 3, 2021

This is going to be short and super sweet

If you’ve been aching to dip your toes into Email CopyPro yet the sticker price was a stinger…

…welcome to CYBER MONDAY. 


The end of the year is approaching. Then it’s January. 

The two hottest sales times on the Internet.

If ever you needed high-converting emails AND a list to send them to…

it’s now.

This Page Is Ugly Yet The Deal Is Perrrrrrty…

You won’t see a fancy sales page here.

No webinars to watch, although I’ll give you a link to our evergreen webinar to prove how much you’re saving later.

This is written to you IF you want your next 90 days of emails practically written FOR YOU BY ME.

There’s a lot more to the offer. You need to read this letter to take it all in…

…and GET IN before this crazy special ends this weekend.

For starters…

You’re Going To Get 90 Days Access To Email CopyPro

Email CopyPro retails for over a grand if you pay for it monthly for the next 90 days.

It’s discounted to $997 if you buy a product lifetime membership. 

Now that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the kickass and proven emails and sequences you get.

You also get content emails.

Loads of proven and tested email sales sequences created by dozens of the top email marketers in the world.

Even my $50M Sales Letter Blueprint.

A long-form sales letter that this “Smart Machine” system we’ve built generates for you. 

You get the 90-Minute QuickStart set-up. The QuickStart emails.

Our entire library of TESTED emails written by 27 of the top marketers on the planet.

All dynamically “generated” to be unique to YOU, every time you use the system. 

You can generate your first email in 90 minutes or less. Your next email in 2 minutes or less.

And your next. And your next. And your next.

Get it? Of course.

So for the Cyber Monday Discount we can’t give you “lifetime” access… but 90 days?

Sure thing.

In our Cyber Monday Special, there is NO PAYMENTS. It’s a one-time payment of only $397. If you want to continue with Email CopyPro, you have to notify us. Then we’ll send you a discounted payment link.

You will want to stick around. Believe me.

And hey, if you’re more into “one and done” look at my P.S. below.

I have a product lifetime link for you that gives you the same bonuses and training.

You will want to stick around. Believe me.

If that was all I’d already be borderline nutso…

Nah, I’m just getting started…

I Coach You Live For 90 Days 

I know you’re thinking that Email CopyPro is simple enough to use.

You don’t really NEED me to personally walk you though every single email.

Every. Single. Email. 

90 days worth… Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Live. 

Watch, edit, click, send. SIMPLE.

No guesswork and no putting it off.

We’ll crank out the Exact Email to send that day during every session!

I’m doing this for a few reasons.

First, I’m leaving you no excuses on your path to email marketing success. 

NONE. I’m sick of hearing them. You’re sick of buying into them.

Let’s be honest. I’m right.

So yeah I’m giving you the ultimate email marketing power tool — Email CopyPro.

AND you’ll be guided by the hand three times a week by me.

One email at a time…

And You Get To Tell Me The Emails You Want And Need

You know…

There’s another reason. And it’s one of the reasons why this Cyber Monday Special is dirt cheap. : )

I want your input for new content.

I’m going to take what YOU tell me YOU need on these live calls. Then our team of copy pros will create those emails for you.

We can’t do that for everyone of course. So I’ll take majority rule. : )

I’ll also be reaching out to all my A-list marketer friends for even MORE juicy emails to add to the already best collection there is. 

So you get a deal.

My team and I get to create what YOU want.

And we get to stockpile brand new content and sales emails into Email CopyPro. 

Now, what if you don’t have a list yet?

No clients?

No problem…

The 30-Day List-Builder Challenge LIVE Coaching Calls PLUS Our “90 Days To 1,000 Subscribers” Program

The absolute over-the-top icing on this very rich cake has to be these two bonuses.

You see: my team will be hosting coaching calls throughout the 90 days.

All to help you build a list of raving fans who BUY even if you’re starting from scratch.

On top of that, they’re here to help you get your first (or next) 1,000 subscribers over the next 90 days. 

Both bonuses are live training sessions held throughout the 90 day series and both are free

…yet there is a catch:

You must follow me on Messenger to get the training. 

That’s the only way we’re delivering it.

It’s easy. We’ll send you an invitation link to Messenger the moment you buy today.

Plus as an added bonus I’ll be sending you Email CopyPro’s Messenger Bot Tips.

Did you think I’d leave that out?

You’ll see how Email CopyPro can crank out Bot scripts for you starting December 10th. So we need you on Messenger to make sure you see how it’s done.

Make sense?

Look Where You’ll Be In 90 Days Or Less…

At the end of this 90 day stretch you’ll get…

  • THE LIST to send promotional emails to! Send affiliate offers if you don’t have a product, or sell your own stuff!
  • THE CLIENTS ready to buy and BUY MORE from you!
  • THE EMAILS you need to keep them happy, engaged, and buying again and again!

Why It’s Only $397

Everyone on my team wanted to sell this for more. 

I wanted to offer the most value-packed and frankly outrageous Cyber Monday Special ever. 

Plus you’re getting this for 90 days, not 90 months.

We have to be fair to our lifetime customers, right? (You can continue on if you wish and still end up with an epic deal, or cancel at the end of 90 days. Up to you.)

And let me be totally honest:

This is a PRE-SALE.

You’ll get instant access to Email CopyPro, but the training and live coaching doesn’t start until December 10th, 2018. 

This is a SPECIAL to reserve your spot.

And you’ll be helping us with your live feedback.

Hell, you’re forcing me to write EVEN MORE killer emails! How’s that for honesty? 

So in return I’m giving you an unreal and unrepeatable deal.


No Refunds. No Tire-kickers. No Snowflakes. I’m Committing To You And You To Me. It’s Success Or Nothing.

If you’re looking to test the waters, look somewhere else. 

This offer is only for those who are smart enough to snag a deal. 

Who get the ridiculous personal time I’m committing to YOU.

For your success.

Nothing else matters. 

That means no refunds. No bad energy here folks.

This will be an arsenal of email marketing like-minded peeps dedicated to helping each other succeed. 

And my time and my baby (Email CopyPro) are worth way too much to quibble over $397.

So if you don’t see how $397 can be made back by one of these NLP-laced persuasion emails…

…or content that’s designed to drive new leads to your list…

…or adding at least 1,000 new clients to your company…

…this ain’t for you, buckaroo. 

Oh, and one more thing…


You have until Midnight PST on Friday, November 30th to take me up on this.

After that the price nearly doubles.

Then a few days after it goes to $997 for six months of access.

No live coaching after December 10th. You’ll be on your own.

No list coaching. No client acquisition coaching.

No deal.

No bueno.

This is common freakin’ sense, and that’s why you need to click the button below and reserve your spot now.

Training starts December 10th, 2018… and you’ll get immediate access to Email CopyPro so you can start playing around all you want.

Hell, send 100 emails between now and then if you want. 

Or wait for the training and we’ll do it together…

“We bought a company license for Email CopyPro for our team of in-house guys to use. We even contributed to the Email CopyPro library. That’s how much we love it and use it. It’s not just a money-maker – it’s a massive time-saver.”

—Joseph Schriefer

Vice President, Agora Financial

“I’ve hired a lot of writers and coaches. Jon’s copy is the only one I took as-is…and it turned into a 7-figure win.”

—Frank Kern

Marketing Legend,

“I used Email CopyPro’s webinar sequences to pull in over $200,000 in sales. The only editing I had to do is translating these emails in Spanish. Pure gold! Cannot recommend Jon’s software enough.”

—Nacho Munoz

Interent Marketer

“With a list of only 1580 active customers, I used three Email CopyPro emails to close $20,000 in sales. This was literally push-button money for me.”

—Ted Prodromou

CEO, Founder, America's Leading LinkedIn Coach

“It used to take me hours to write a single email. Using Email CopyPro, I can do it in minutes, and the results and sales are fantastic!”

—AmondaRose Ige

CEO, Founder, High Performance Speaking Training and Consulting

“I landed a $4,000/month copywriting client the first week using Email CopyPro. I can use it to write client emails and sell them. They are delivered faster, and even in the voice of the customer. This software is a breakthrough!”

—Craig Dave


“Jon comes up with more cool ideas than just about anyone I know. What’s more, his stuff flat-out WORKS. We’ve endorsed Email CopyPro because we’ve seen it work for our customers.”

—Ryan Deiss

CEO, Founder,

“I doubled my opt-in rate and list size in a matter of days using Email CopyPro.”

—Phil Newton

Internet Marketer

“Jon Benson is one of the few folks who I’d recommend to anyone stuck in the six figures with ambitions for seven.”

—Sean Vosler

CEO, Increase.Academy

Click The Button Below Now To Claim Your $397 Cyber Monday Discount!

P.S. You can also get your PRODUCT LIFETIME membership into Email CopyPro if you prefer.


You’ll pay $997 but you’ll never pay another penny and get Email CopyPro for the life of the product.


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