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The Bizarre Email Marketing “Love Letter” That Made Me $10,000,000

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Your Host: Jon Benson

One of the few Billion Dollar copywriters alive, and author of the bestselling email marketing book, Open, Click, Buy.

What You’ll Learn in This Workshop:

If you’re serious about your email marketing and increasing your bottom line, you need to be using a new technology called Dynamic Blueprints™.

Dynamic Blueprints is a combination of the most profitable and persuasive email formulas created by over 30 A-list email marketers, A.I.-driven smart machine learning, and your specific message. Put them all together and you get the ultimate Email Copywriter, full-time 24/7, leveraging the power of marketing’s greatest minds…and for less than the cost of getting ONE professionally-written email.

Only one software tool owns the proprietary rights to Dynamic Blueprint technology.

That’s why the best 60 minutes you can possibly spend today if you want to maximize your time and revenue when it comes to email is to stop whatever you’re doing right now and click on the button you see below.

For a LIMITED time, you can watch the replay of my Dynamic Blueprint Workshop for FREE…and see how you can download the sharpest marketing minds on the planet directly into YOUR emails, funnels, and sales campaigns.

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