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Your Host: Jon Benson

One of the few Billion Dollar copywriters alive, and author of the bestselling email marketing book, Open, Click, Buy.


What You'll Learn in This Free Workshop:

The fastest and easiest way to earn recurring revenue online is leveraging the power of email.

Marketers pay copywriters like me between $200-$1500 PER EMAIL… and the need for email never goes away.

Now, just imagine:

What if there was a system that virtually did all the writing FOR YOU?

There is… it’s a system I created called Dynamic Blueprints™...

And I’m Revealing It All To You In This Online Workshop

I’m Jon Benson, one of the few Billion Dollar copywriters alive, and author of the bestselling email marketing book, “Open, Click, Buy.”

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Who Should Attend The Dynamic Blueprints Email Workshop?

If You’re A Marketer Or Entrepreneur

If you’re already marketing a product or service, this will save you hundreds of hours of time and give you a massive boost in email opens, clicks, and buys!

If You’re Wanting To Start Making Money Online...

You simply must take this massive shortcut on the path to being a highly-paid, work-at-home copywriter and email creator! The market is BOOMING, and I’ll reveal how to tap into it!

If You’re A Professional Copywriter...

Why spend hours writing email sequences that you just “hope” will work when you can tap into an entire library of PROVEN campaigns! Dynamic Blueprints allows for each campaign to be “regenerated” and combined with YOUR words to give you unique, money-pulling emails...and MORE!

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