How I Use Sales Videos To “Replace Myself” In Person

This 3-Step System Has Helped me Do This For The Past 10 Years

The NOW Method is or those who want to learn how to use videos for your company’s offers, products, and services…

The world is upside-down right now, and you don’t need me to tell you that. There will be millions who need alternative ways to earn a living, or who simply get used to the idea that being around your loved ones all day is a pretty cool way to work.

What I decided I could do to help was three-fold:

Teach this Method for free and inspire folks to start or grow a business, or help you stay afloat during this time with your current business.

Lend some tips on what it’s like to work out of a bedroom for the past 30 years – I’m kinda a pro at social distancing! There are skills you need. We’ll chat about it.

Offer my products at a discount for those who want to go further. I opted to lower them, inspired by dozens of other men and women business owners, and GIVE 80% of what I know away for free to you.

Oh, since my background is nutrition and fitness, I’ll be sharing what I’m doing to stay healthy and active. That’s important every month, but especially in the months to come.

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