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August 3, 2021


Dear Marketing Badass,


You’re going to have to be a badass to get into this.

To be one of the elite entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners or copywriters who have coached with me one-on-one for 90 days and MULTIPLIED their offers.

Double, even tripled their results.

I call this 90-day confidential coaching experience OfferX for a damn good reason. 

I’m talking about multiplying the power and revenue pull of your…

  • HOOK:  Let me look at your VSL, funnel, sales letter, and make sure have a Golden Hook. A hook that positions you and your offer as the only logical solution for your prospect. I can immediately spot where you’ve missed the mark and where money is being drained from your pocket due to lost opportunities…
  • FUNNEL:  90% of the marketers I’ve coached, as good as they are, completely fuck up their funnel through-line: creating back-end products and services that multiply that Golden Hook’s persuasion power. There’s a way to sell your product or service that you simply cannot see. Once I reveal it, your funnel and back end offers can skyrocket. It’s okay—we can’t see our own blindspots. That’s why the best of the best have coaches. I’ll help you find new ways and new markets to expand into to really crank your cash flow…
  • ASCENSION:  It’s one thing to make 2, 3, even 10X more sales after we tweak your hook and funnel…it’s a different game when I help you dominate your post-sale system. You’ll end up with a truly killer autoresponder system designed to ascend prospects to buyers and buyers to repeat customers. 80% of your ROI depends on nailing this and getting it right, right out of the gate…

Another Course or Product Will
Never Give You These Results

I’m a huge fan of products. After all, I created Sellerator, Email CopyPro, and a host of others.

However, when it comes to shining a light on your offer blind spots as well as giving you the precise implementation strategy to multiply your sales, positioning in the marketplace, and ROI?

ONLY private coaching can give you that… especially in as little as 90 days.

Don’t Be Deceived:
It’s A Bloody War In The Offer Jungle

You know, I’ve been OfferXing and working with the best of the best for the past 7 years.

Guys like Frank Kern, Joe Polish, Kyle Leon (before Venus Factor was a $50M brand and sales site), Joel Marion (BioTrust), Jay Abraham, Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer), Wes Virgin (before Fat Diminisher was a 10-figure sales machine)…and countless more.

Every one of them will tell you I’ve helped them make a fortune. Without a single exception.

In the marketing and business world, these are war heroes. 

They overcame their fears and mental programming, instilled since birth, that tells you, “You can settle for less.”

“You have enough…no need to be greedy.”

“I’m content enough, I suppose.”

“I’m afraid of the competition.”

Yeah, those ideas are pure shit, and you know it. You absolutely CAN and MUST overcome this garbage thinking if you really want an OfferX Experience:

An offer the sells like mad and puts you and your family into a different tax bracket…or simply one that puts you at the forefront; a true thought leader and difference-maker.

Which is it for you?

OfferX Confidential Coaching gives you a unique pathway to turn your offers into viral messages. That’s the real power of a Golden Hook: it doubles as a magnet. Drawing more and more prospects into your presence simply by gravitation force.

Listen—working without a Golden Hook, not to mention an badass through line for your funnel and an ascension series that picks up all the cash you’re currently leaving on the table?

That’s like going to war with one hand tied behind your back.

Let’s be real:

Business has warfare concealed.

Your customers and prospects are only your allies in this battle as long as they feel you can protect their best interests.

You have no choice to become the 800-pound gorilla if you want to win this war.

And to the victor goes the spoils:

  • More lives changed by your products and services. The stuff of real heroes…
  • More money made for less ongoing effort. That means more time for the other things you love…
  • More growth and expansion into lucrative niches. We adapt and expand, or we whither and die…


Only 3-4 Spots Open In A Quarter

Call it silly.

Call it crazy.

Call it ADHD.

Call it me being a goal-driven mofo.

Whatever it is, call yourself lucky as hell that I absolutely get off on one-on-one coaching. I absolutely love it. As busy as I am, I always make time for it because I freak out over seeing so many of my clients make more, save more, and do more with their passions.

Of all the things I do, this is what I love the most…

…and there’s no one better at helping you nail the perfect cash-generating viral offer.

If you qualify below, I’m inviting you to…

Jon Benson’s “OfferX”

90-Day Confidential Coaching Program

Let’s talk about the details within the OfferX Confidential Coaching Program — that’s important.

Over 90 days, you and I will work one-on-one. No “group” coaching calls—this is just the two of us, or you and your team with me.

Private. Exclusive. Confidential. 

I’ll coach you privately for 90 days. Each 30 days we’ll do TWO (2) ONE-ON-ONE coaching calls. These are 40 minutes long. Over the years, I’ve determined that 40 minutes is the sweet spot—fast, furious, and laser-focused.

We’ll look at your three biggest financial impactors:

  • Your Hook (2 Calls)
  • Your Funnel (2 Calls)
  • Your Ascension Series (2 Calls)

We’ll create on the first call. You’ll implement. We’ll check in on the second call and make sure it’s kicking ass. Then we move on and perfect the rest.

Now all of that sounds great, however

This Is Expensive And Only For The Elite Few

My coaching has been $5,000 per call for the past 7 years.

Everyone you see below (and many more) will tell you it’s the best 5K they spent. Peter (seen to the left) had a six-figure day after our first session and recouped his investment in hours. I have stories like this for days…

Obviously this is not for everyone. It’s only for marketers and business owners who have a business that they want to see explode in growth in 2018 and beyond…

…or for those entrepreneurs who just can’t quite get a sales page or funnel to convert the way they know it can…

…or for copywriters who crave to hone their craft, and use my name for some added cachet…


I’m going to give you 2 calls every month for three months (90 days), totaling SIX calls and action plans. It takes six calls to cover the three OfferX components and make sure you CRUSH every single one of them. Implementation is demanded. I will ride you hard to make sure you FOLLOW THROUGH. Once you commit, you’re in…and you better be ready for the increase in sales and customers. 

I offer two different forms of payment. Pay in full (that’s the most popular) and you’ll save $3K over the 90 days. Your cost is only $12K. Or you can pay $5K per 30 days. You will be expected to complete all three phases.

There’s no refunds, special deals, or anything like this. You’re getting me on your team for 90 days — and frankly, I only want to talk to you if you really get how valuable this experience will be for you and your business. Otherwise, this isn’t for you.

It’s First Come First Serve…And Here’s How To Apply

No payment will be taken today online…but serious inquiries only. If you do not answer every question honestly, we’ll remove you from contention.

Here’s what you need to do:

First, fill out the application form below ONLY IF you are 100% serious about claiming one of the 3-4 available slots for this quarter’s OfferX Confidential Coaching.

Once I max that out, which happens VERY fast (last time in 36 hours), it’s GONE. 

There’s only so many hours in the day, and this is 100% hands-on with me at the wheel.

WARNING: Do not fill out this application unless you qualify for the investment.

After you submit your form, we’ll review your application. If we think you’re a good fit for the OfferX Confidential Coaching Program, a representative from my company will contact you by phone or Skype for a short chat. If approved, you’ll be asked for the investment in full or the first installment on the phone.  

We will schedule your coaching calls when both our schedules permit next month.

This is not group coaching: all sessions are PRIVATE between you and me (and your team if you like.)

“I’ve hired a lot of writers and coaches. Jon’s ideas are the only ones I took as-is…and they turned into a 7-figure win.”

—Frank Kern

Marketing Legend,

“We coached with Jon Benson for two hours; $10K made us $1.2M in additional revenue just from his tweaks to the first minute of our VSL and back-end ideas. Worth every penny!”

—Dan Rose

CEO, Founder,

“I reached out to Jon Benson because a big marketing campaign we had was dying. ROI was getting worse and worse by the day. We were about to be negative. First call i made with Jon, we spent 45 minutes going over my video script. Jon had a dozen amazing ideas to make it way more powerful. I made the changes and now the campaign is working like gangbusters again. Made my coaching investment back literally the next day. Needless to say, I plan on being a coaching student until the guy is sick of me and has to shove me out the door.”

—Peter Kerr

CEO, Founder, eGear Media

“I’ve worked with Jon for many years as a copywriter and recently as a copy coach for a few new products. Spent $15K and made it back within a few days of testing Jon’s ideas. We’ve hired him numerous times for our BioTrust VSLs and his ideas beat the controls virtually every time. The man is a beast.”

—Joel Marion

CEO, Founder,

“Jon is a freakin’ badass. The man has given me more ideas and made me more money than I can count. When it comes to conversions, copy that sells, marketing, strategy…3, 4, 5X the results.”

—Joe Polish

CEO, Founder,

“Before Venus Factor hit it big and became the #1 weight loss info product, I consulted with Jon on the VSL script. I hired him for an hour at $5,000 and I can’t even begin to figure out the ROI on that. His eye for positioning and hooks is unrivaled. Coach with this man if you can.”

—Kyle Leon


“Jon comes up with more cool ideas than just about anyone I know. What’s more, his ideas flat-out WORK. If I had to guess, his strategies alone has help make us millions. And he’s lightening fast at coming up with positioning that anchors your product in the consumer’s mind. Spend the money…he’s well worth it!”

—Ryan Deiss

CEO, Founder,

“I contracted Jon to work with me for an opt-in page that ended up almost doubling my conversions. His ideas and the way he thinks is just otherworldly. He’s one of the best investments you can make.”

—Dean Graziosi

CEO, Founder,

“Jon Benson’s one of the few folks who id recommend anyone stuck in the six figures with ambitions for seven.”

—Sean Vosler

CEO, Increase.Academy

“I got on the phone with a friend, brother, and mentor named Jon Benson. Within an hour he helped me recreate my offer, find something I wasn’t aware I was doing from an insecure place, and gave me some incredible advice on the up sell I want to put in place. What I do to other people (blow their mind when we get on the phone), Jon did for me. He straight up saved me tens of thousands of dollars and helped me put my offer in place while teaching me a few new ideas I hadn’t thought about.”

—Adil Amarsi

Professional Copywriter

You Will Not See This Again


This is probably one of those “I was just saying to myself, I really need some help!” moments.

If that’s YOU, then this is a must-do. Even if you’re a bit afraid. You must do the very thing that you fear the most if you want to succeed in life.

There are zero exceptions to this rule of nature.

If it’s not for you, no hard feelings. However, this is a one-time offer only.

See if you qualify below, and let’s get you started…

VSL Profit Mastery

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