Upgrade From Sellerator To Now VSL Before Saturday And Save!

Watch the video above for a detailed explanation, but here’s the short version:

This is an entirely new software platform that features optional upgrades PLUS thousands of dollars in new bonuses. Just our Leads In A Box bonus alone is worth over $2K, and is only reserved for Now VSL customers.

You do not NEED to upgrade from Sellerator to Now VSL. We’ll keep Sellerator going for as long as the wheels stay on! But I’m giving you some damn good incentive to do so if you want to get multiple VSLs generated automatically rather than just one, all the added bonuses (including free access to Easy VSL in the Pro version!), and more.



Now VSL (Standard) upgrades you to the upcoming Now software platform, allowing you to auto-create shorter VSLs, and manage projects. We import your existing VSLs as well. This retails for $197, but use the coupon code STANDARD (all-caps) and save $100 before Saturday midnight PST!

Now VSL Pro upgrades you to Standard PLUS gives you FREE access to Easy VSL (produces slides and web-ready video and audio!), and 60 Days Free on Vidalytics, the player I use to auto-stream on iPhones! This retails for $497, but use the coupon code PRO (all-caps) and save $200 before Saturday midnight PST! (NOTE: I accidentally said 50% off in the video because I suck at math 🙂

Note: If you are not a Sellerator customer, this will be throwing money away. Don’t do that. : )  You need to purchase Now VSL at NowVSL.com/deal.

P.S. Now VSL is an upgrade to my long-standing Sellerator VSL software. It will feature the same training, updated, and features that allow you to create multiple length VSLs at the same time. Now VSL 1.0 will be live the second week of May 2020, and at that time the price will go up to retail. So get in now and save!

Use Coupon Code PRO (all-caps)

Use Coupon Code STANDARD (all-caps)

For Existing Sellerator Customers Only

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