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I’ve made $249,645.89 this year alone from one of these “Viral VSLs” that promote a simple e-book and someone else’s supplement — all by doing no work at all this entire year except sending 3 emails.

The “Viral VSL” took over from there.

Want to see how I did it and how YOU can replicate it?

I had so many people write in asking me about this Viral VSL process that I decide to host a FREE LIVE Workshop this Friday.

I’ll cover the simple Viral VSL strategies I use, show you the VSL that is pulling in these crazy numbers (without spending a penny on traffic)…plus reveal my “Sellerator Lite” VSL Course available this week that will allow you to create a Viral VSL for yourself!

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Jon BensonYour Host: Jon Benson

Creator of The VSL, Creator of Sellerator, Creator of Email CopyPro, one of three Billion-Dollar Copywriters Alive

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